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My dream vacation

Finally the day had come when I was leaving for my dream vacation. I hurried in a panic to finish packing. I triple-checked my list, but still felt like something was missing. I got to the airport just in time to make my flight. I was forgetting something...KEVIN!!!!!!! "I'm right here mom!" Kevin said. "Oh thank God I thought we would have another 'New York' on our hands..." "Where's Buzz?" Kevin asked. Buzz is in the garage with dad. He wants to bring the sled on our trip. Can I bring my sleeping bag and binoculars? "Well Buzz", said Dad, "I don't think you'll be needing that where we're going". "But Dad, I MUST bring it no matter where we go!". "The teacher said that if I don't bring it along, it will die!" He cried emphatically.
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